Total packaging solutions to grow your brand.

Developing innovative packaging solutions to grow your business.

Supporting our clients from infancy to the latest product launch, our team is prepared and experienced to work through the most unique packaging challenges.

Packaging Consulting

Your single-source packaging consultant.

The integrated capabilities of Pak West come together through our diverse team of packaging professionals who partner with a network of world-class suppliers to produce a wide variety of custom packaging solutions. We analyze every aspect of your project in order to provide you with a step-by-step strategy designed to refine and grow your business.

  • Corrugated Boxes & Displays
  • Stretch Wrap & Film
  • Shrink Film
  • Custom Foam & Cushioning
  • Flexible Packaging Films
  • Influencer Kits
  • Mailers and Labels
  • Chipboard & Folding Cartons
  • Surface Protection
  • Tapes and Adhesives

Equipment Sales & Service

Grow and scale your business.

At Pak West, our dedication to your project doesn’t stop at installation. We take pride in keeping your business running at optimal performance through after-sales service and support.

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Your single-source packaging consultant.

we take a holistic approach to your invetory-control strategy by offering just-in-time deliveries and warehousing management to amke sure that you can maintain a perfect balance of invetory throughout the year without extra stress of finding the right sized space for your budget.

Designed to reduce operational expenses and help grow your business, our vendor managed inventory will help you elevate your markets and build profit.


Streamline your process.

Pak West offers warehousing and inventory control programs to help optimize your supply chain, test new markets, manage seasonal demand fluctuations, and create promotional opportunities, allowing for smarter spending and increased profits.

Our private fleet of trucks and carrier partners help ensure that you receive your product when you need it. Our “just-in-time” delivery allows you the ultimate flexiblity of delivery times and dates.


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